KONLEYA 4K Camera Sunglasses: Stylish Wear for Men & Women with Video Recording

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Capture life’s moments seamlessly with KONLEYA’s 4K Camera Sunglasses. Perfect for men and women, these stylish shades aren’t just about fashion. Whether you’re cycling, driving, hiking, or fishing, you’ve got an in-built camera ready to record. And with support for up to 256G TF Card, memory isn’t an issue.

KONLEYA, a renowned name in wearable technology, presents its latest offering: the 4K Camera Sunglasses. Tailored to both men and women, these sunglasses transcend typical eyewear. Beyond shielding eyes from the sun, they come equipped with a camera that captures experiences in 4K clarity.


Universal Design: Crafted keeping in mind the preferences of both genders, these sunglasses offer a chic look without compromising on functionality.
Integrated 4K Camera: Ready to record your adventures, be it a scenic drive or an exciting hike.
Extended Memory: Supporting up to 256G TF Card, these sunglasses ensure you never run out of space to store your memories.
Multipurpose: Ideal for various activities such as cycling, driving, hiking, and fishing. Record without the hassle of carrying additional gear.
User-friendly: Simple buttons and intuitive controls make recording a breeze.

Why wear regular sunglasses when you can opt for KONLEYA’s 4K Camera Sunglasses and never miss capturing a moment again?

**Q:** Are these sunglasses suitable for both men and women?
**A:** Absolutely, they’re designed with a universal appeal in mind, suitable for both genders.

Q: What’s the video quality like?
A: The sunglasses record in 4K clarity, ensuring crisp and clear videos.

Q: How much memory do these sunglasses support?
A: They can support up to a 256G TF Card, providing ample space for your recordings.

Q: Can I use these sunglasses for regular activities like driving?
A: Yes, they’re perfect for a range of activities including driving, cycling, hiking, and fishing.

Q: How do I operate the camera function?
A: The sunglasses come with simple buttons and intuitive controls, making it easy to start and stop recordings.

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