KSADBOSSBO Wearable Camera 1080P & Universal Magnetic Mount Clip

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Introducing the KSADBOSSBO Wearable Camera: a high-quality 1080P body camera paired with a versatile magnetic mount clip. Designed for flexibility and convenience, this device is a must-have for those in need of hands-free recording and secure attachment options.

The KSADBOSSBO Wearable Camera boasts a 1080P resolution ensuring crisp, clear footage in various conditions. Whether you’re out and about or in a dimly lit area, this camera captures every detail. The added benefit? It supports SD cards, offering removable memory options so you never run out of storage.

The package doesn’t stop there. The universal magnetic suction back clip, known as the KSAD Body Camera Magnet Mount, ensures that the camera remains securely attached. It’s not just designed for the KSADBOSSBO camera but is versatile enough to be used with various other devices. The magnetic suction allows for quick attachment and detachment without causing wear and tear.

Q: Can the KSADBOSSBO camera function without the magnetic mount?
A: Yes, the camera operates independently of the mount, but the mount provides added convenience for hands-free operations.

Q: What type of SD card does it support?
A: The camera supports most SD cards, but for optimal performance, high-speed cards are recommended.

Q: Is the magnetic mount durable?
A: Absolutely! The magnet mount is designed to be strong and durable, ensuring the camera remains in place during use.

Q: Can I use the magnetic mount with other devices?
A: Yes, the KSAD Body Camera Magnet Mount is universal and can be used with a variety of devices.

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