Labpano-PilotPano 360 Camera: Waterproof, 5.7K HDR Video – What’s Its Unique Feature?

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Introducing the Labpano-PilotPano 360 Action Camera: a device designed for the ultimate filming experience. With a 5.7K 360 Active HDR Video, 3.1 touchscreen, CMOS sensors, and support for 4K at 60FPS, it’s more than just a camera. Whether for AI editing, live streaming, or even using as an HDR webcam, this device stands out in the crowd. Combined with the PilotSteady feature, users are guaranteed smooth footage every time.

Dive into the world of 360-degree filming with the Labpano-PilotPano. Boasting a myriad of features that cater to both beginners and professionals:
Waterproof Design: No worries about splashes or submersion; capture every adventure without concern.
5.7K 360 Active HDR Video: Achieve crisp, vibrant footage, providing an immersive experience for viewers.
3.1 Touchscreen: A user-friendly interface ensuring ease of use, perfect for on-the-go adjustments.
CMOS Sensors: Capture details like never before, ensuring quality footage in various lighting conditions.
4K at 60FPS: High-definition recording, capturing every movement in utmost clarity.
AI Editing & Live Streaming: Tailor your content with advanced editing or go live with superior quality.
HDR Webcam Capability: Upgrade your online meetings or streaming sessions with top-tier video quality.
PilotSteady Feature: Say goodbye to shaky footage; enjoy stabilization that guarantees fluid motion.

Whether you’re diving into the world of vlogging, professional filming, or simply want to capture memories in the best way possible, the Labpano-PilotPano is a choice worth considering.

**Q:** Does the Labpano-PilotPano 360 Camera come with a warranty?
**A:** Specific warranty details depend on the retailer, but most offer a standard period of coverage for defects.

Q: Can it be mounted on standard tripods?
A: Yes, it’s compatible with standard tripod mounts, allowing versatility in filming.

Q: How long does the battery last on continuous recording?
A: Battery life varies depending on settings, but on average, it can last several hours of continuous recording.

Q: Is there any cloud storage integration for storing videos?
A: The camera itself doesn’t come with cloud storage, but videos can be easily transferred and stored in any cloud platform of your choice.

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