LAZER Impala MTB Helmet: Off Road Head Protection with Extras

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When considering protection during off-road cycling, few helmets come close to the LAZER Impala. Designed for both men and women, this mountain bike helmet not only provides superior safety but also comes equipped with a visor and camera mount.

LAZER, a renowned name in cycling safety, introduces the Impala – a mountain bike helmet crafted for those who crave adventure. Riding off-road poses a distinct set of challenges, from unpredictable terrains to sudden drops. The Impala helmet rises to the occasion by combining top-notch safety with added features.

While its core purpose remains head protection, the helmet goes the extra mile. The built-in visor shields riders from the harsh Australian sun and flying debris. Meanwhile, for those who wish to capture their rides, the integrated camera mount proves invaluable. This unisex design ensures that regardless of gender, all riders can enjoy the optimum fit and comfort of the LAZER Impala.

Q: Does the LAZER Impala helmet cater to both men and women?
A: Yes, the Impala is a unisex design suitable for all adult riders.

Q: Is there a feature that helps in recording rides?
A: Absolutely! The helmet comes with an integrated camera mount.

Q: How does the visor benefit riders?
A: The visor protects against sunlight and potential airborne debris during rides.

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