Lee’s A2 Decoy Half-Shell Mountain Cycle Headgear W/MIPS: EPP EPS Ventilated, BMX MTB Gear

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Experience the blend of protection, comfort, and style with Troy Lee’s A2 Decoy half-shell mountain bike helmet. With MIPS technology and EPP EPS ventilation, this lightweight headgear is designed for optimal safety during BMX or MTB biking. Suitable for both men and women, it stands as an ideal accessory for your cycling endeavours.
Designed by Troy Lee, this A2 Decoy half-shell mountain bike helmet is a testament to performance and safety. It employs MIPS – Multi-directional Impact Protection System – technology, which works to redirect energy and offer more protection in certain impacts.

In addition, this helmet is characterized by its EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) construction. The combination of these two provides excellent ventilation, ensuring your head stays cool during intense biking sessions.

Whether you’re racing on a BMX or traversing the trails on a mountain bike, the helmet’s lightweight design won’t weigh you down. Available for both genders, this helmet provides a perfect balance between comfort and durability. Enhance your cycling experience with this top-tier BMX and MTB gear.
Q: Is the A2 Decoy helmet suitable for both men and women?
A: Absolutely, the A2 Decoy helmet is designed with a unisex fit, making it suitable for both male and female riders.

Q: What makes the A2 Decoy helmet lightweight?
A: The helmet’s lightweight nature comes from its EPP and EPS construction. These materials are both light and durable, ensuring the helmet doesn’t add unnecessary weight.

Q: Can the helmet protect against impacts?
A: Yes, the A2 Decoy helmet features MIPS technology, providing excellent protection against impacts. It’s designed to redirect energy and provide more protection during certain types of impacts.

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