Light Microshell Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet for Youths, Unisex, 55-58cm, Dial Fit, Removable Visor, Ventilated, CPSC Certified

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A bike helmet that doesn’t compromise on safety or style, the Schwinn Thrasher is designed for youthful riders. It features a lightweight microshell, providing exceptional protection without adding unnecessary weight. Its unisex design makes it versatile, fitting heads with a circumference of 55-58cm. The helmet also boasts a dial fit adjustment system and a removable visor. Most importantly, it adheres to CPSC safety standards, promising peace of mind for every ride.

The Schwinn Thrasher is a helmet specifically engineered for the younger generation of cyclists. Embracing a minimalist design, it doesn’t neglect functionality and safety. It flaunts a lightweight microshell construction, ensuring maximum comfort while maintaining essential protective features.

This helmet caters to a wide range of youths, as it is a unisex design. It comfortably accommodates head circumferences from 55 to 58cm, enabling a snug and secure fit for most young riders.

One of the key features of the Schwinn Thrasher is its dial fit adjustment system. This allows the wearer to customize the helmet’s fit for optimum security and comfort, eliminating the worry of a loose or overly tight helmet.

For those sunnier days or when additional protection is required, the Schwinn Thrasher comes with a removable visor. This versatile feature allows riders to adapt the helmet based on their environment or personal preferences.

Ventilation is not overlooked, as this helmet features ample vents ensuring breathability during rides. It reduces the chances of overheating, contributing to a more enjoyable cycling experience.

The helmet’s most critical feature is its CPSC certification, the US standard for bike helmet safety. This accreditation assures parents and guardians that the helmet meets rigorous safety standards, safeguarding the wearer in the event of an accident. The Schwinn Thrasher goes beyond a stylish accessory, serving as a vital piece of safety gear.

Q: Can this helmet fit both boys and girls?
A: Yes, the Schwinn Thrasher helmet features a unisex design, accommodating head circumferences of 55-58cm, making it suitable for both boys and girls.

Q: How can the fit be adjusted?
A: The helmet has a dial fit adjustment system which allows for customization of the fit, ensuring maximum comfort and security.

Q: Does the helmet come with a visor?
A: Yes, it comes with a detachable visor that can be added or removed based on personal preference or environmental conditions.

Q: Is the helmet ventilated?
A: Absolutely. The helmet features several vents to facilitate airflow, preventing overheating during rides.

Q: Does this helmet meet safety standards?
A: Yes, the Schwinn Thrasher helmet is CPSC safety certified, meeting the stringent US standard for bike helmet safety.

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