Losfom WD7 2K Wearable Camera with GPS & 128G Memory: IP67, 1440P, 4600MAH

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Discover the Losfom WD7 2K Wearable Camera – a reliable companion for every outdoor enthusiast, sports lover, and homeowner. Featuring a powerful 4600MAH battery, this body-mounted cam captures crystal-clear 1440P footage and comes with built-in GPS and a robust 128G storage. Experience peace of mind in all conditions with its IP67 waterproof rating.
The Losfom WD7 2K Wearable Camera stands out in the realm of body cameras, boasting exceptional features designed for diverse uses. Here’s why this camera is making waves:

– **Crystal Clear Captures**: With a 1440P resolution, every detail is rendered with clarity, making it ideal for both personal and professional use.
– **Lasting Performance**: The robust 4600MAH battery ensures uninterrupted recording, eliminating the need for frequent recharges.
– **Generous Storage**: The inbuilt 128G storage guarantees ample space for all your recordings.
– **Precise Location Tracking**: Integrated GPS lets you track the location of every footage, adding an extra layer of information and safety.
– **All-Weather Companion**: With an IP67 waterproof rating, the camera is resilient against the elements, making it a trusty sidekick for all outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re capturing breathtaking moments during outdoor sports, ensuring safety at home, or documenting important events, the Losfom WD7 is up for the task.

Q: Can the Losfom WD7 withstand rain or splashes?
A: Yes, its IP67 waterproof rating ensures protection against such elements.

Q: Is the storage expandable beyond 128G?
A: The camera comes with built-in 128G storage. Additional storage details would be available in the product specifications.

Q: How long can I record with a fully charged 4600MAH battery?
A: The camera can record continuously, ensuring ample time for capturing moments.

Q: Does the GPS feature affect battery life?
A: While GPS functionalities can impact battery performance, the Losfom WD7 is designed to optimise battery usage, ensuring consistent performance.

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