Lumos Kickstart Intelligent Bicycle Lid | LED Illumination Front, Rear with Indicators | Unisex Adult Road Cycle Helmets

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Explore the world of cycling with enhanced safety, donned in the Lumos Kickstart Intelligent Bicycle Lid. This smart helmet, equipped with LED illumination at both front and rear, including indicator signals, caters to both blokes and sheilas. With its innovative design and practical features, it revolutionises your road cycling experience by ensuring optimum safety.
Designed to create a seamless bond between technology and personal safety, Lumos Kickstart Intelligent Bicycle Lid stands out in its genre. What sets it apart is the smart integration of LED illumination on the helmet’s front and rear, providing clear visibility to motorists irrespective of lighting conditions.

The helmet also boasts indicator signals, a feature that drastically enhances safety during turns and lane changes on the road. This allows cyclists to clearly communicate their intent to surrounding traffic, preventing potential collisions.

Built for blokes and sheilas, the helmet combines comfort with aesthetics, offering a unisex design that suits adults of all ages. Whether you’re an ardent road cyclist or a casual rider, Lumos Kickstart Intelligent Bicycle Lid is designed to ensure your safety while also adding a touch of sophistication to your cycling gear.

Combining the cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, Lumos offers a helmet that truly embodies the spirit of modern road cycling.
Q: Is the Lumos Kickstart Intelligent Bicycle Lid suitable for night rides?
A: Absolutely! The helmet comes with front and rear LED lights, ensuring you’re clearly visible to motorists, even in low-light conditions.

Q: Can the indicator signals on the helmet be controlled remotely?
A: Yes, the helmet’s indicator signals can be managed using a remote that’s easy to mount on your bicycle’s handlebars.

Q: Is the helmet comfortable for prolonged use?
A: The Lumos Kickstart Intelligent Bicycle Lid is designed with comfort as a priority. It caters to all adult sizes and is adjustable to ensure a snug fit for prolonged usage.

Q: Does the helmet cater to both men and women?
A: Indeed! The unisex design of the helmet makes it a perfect choice for both blokes and sheilas.

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