MagNeatOhz Unicorn Horn, Helmet Flair Accessory – Australian Made, Interchangeable, Magnetic, for Ski and Bike Helmets (Helmet Not Included)

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Bring a touch of magic to your helmet with the MagNeatOhz Unicorn Horn! Crafted in the heartland of Australia, this innovative accessory fits both ski and bike helmets. With its magnetic attachment, it offers you the ease to interchange as per your style and mood. Please note, the helmet isn’t part of this package.
Who said safety can’t be fun? The MagNeatOhz Unicorn Horn is a helmet flair accessory made for those who love to stand out and display their individuality. Designed and crafted in Australia, the horn attaches magnetically, meaning no modifications are necessary for your helmet – a simple snap on and off!

The Unicorn Horn is not just for show. It is crafted with sturdy materials that withstand rigorous outdoor activities. Whether you’re cycling around town or skiing down slopes, this helmet accessory is your perfect companion.

The key aspect of the MagNeatOhz Unicorn Horn is its interchangeability. With its magnetic attachment, you can easily remove and replace it depending on your mood or the activity. This feature enables users to express their personal style while ensuring safety.

Remember, this product is only the unicorn horn accessory. It does not include a helmet. So, whether you’re buying for yourself or gifting it to the adventurer in your life, be sure to pair it with a quality helmet for an exciting and safe outdoor experience.
Q: Is the unicorn horn suitable for all helmets?
A: Yes, the magnetic attachment of the horn ensures it fits most standard helmets.

Q: Is the unicorn horn durable?
A: Absolutely, it is crafted from sturdy materials to withstand outdoor activities.

Q: Can I change the unicorn horn easily?
A: Yes, the magnetic feature allows for easy interchangeability.

Q: Is the helmet included with the unicorn horn?
A: No, the package includes only the unicorn horn accessory. The helmet is not included.

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