Modified H5PRO: Hero5 Black Sports Action Camera with C-Mount

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Introducing the H5PRO: a revamped Hero5 Black Sports Action Camera. This isn’t just your typical action camera; it’s been modified with a C-Mount for enhanced video shooting capabilities.
When it comes to capturing action-packed moments, you’d want a camera that’s both durable and versatile. The H5PRO, a modified Hero5 Black camera, delivers just that. With its C-Mount modification, users can now attach a variety of lenses, expanding their videography possibilities. Whether you’re surfing along the coast or biking down rugged terrains, this camera promises not just high-definition captures but also a broader scope for creativity.
Q: What sets the H5PRO apart from other sports action cameras?
A: The unique C-Mount modification allows for lens versatility, elevating its filming capabilities beyond the average action camera.

Q: Can I use my existing lenses with the H5PRO’s C-Mount?
A: Yes, if your lenses are compatible with the C-Mount system, they can be used with the H5PRO for varied filming experiences.

Q: How does the C-Mount modification affect the camera’s durability?
A: The modification doesn’t compromise the camera’s robustness. The H5PRO remains a sturdy choice for all your adventurous pursuits.

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