Motorcycle Lid Hanger: Wall-Fixed, 180° Swiveling Metallic Rack with Dual Hooks for Biker and Sport Helmets

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Presenting a dynamic solution for helmet storage – an innovative metallic hanger with a 180° swiveling feature. Designed for wall mounting, this gadget ensures safety and neatness, handling not only motorcycle helmets but also bike, baseball and rugby ones. This hanger extends its functionality with two hooks, making it an indispensable item for all sports enthusiasts.
Maximise space and keep helmets in tip-top shape with this wall-mounted, swiveling helmet hanger. Crafted from sturdy metal, this hanger rack is designed to hold and display various helmets, including those for motorcycles, bicycles, baseball and rugby.

The hanger’s unique 180° rotation feature provides flexibility, enabling you to adjust the angle of the helmet as per your convenience. Furthermore, two additional hooks add to its utility, allowing storage of other essential gear alongside the helmet.

This helmet rack isn’t just about function; it also brings a sense of style and organisation to your space. With its minimalistic design, it blends effortlessly with any interior decor. Hence, this wall-mounted helmet hanger is not just a practical solution for storing helmets, but also an attractive accessory for your home or garage.

Q: Can the rack hold heavy motorcycle helmets?
A: Absolutely, the rack is designed to support a variety of helmets, including heavy motorcycle ones, thanks to its durable metal construction.

Q: What is the purpose of the 180° rotation feature?
A: The rotation feature allows for easy adjustment and display of your helmet at any angle that suits your preference or space constraints.

Q: Can I use it for helmets other than motorcycle helmets?
A: Yes, this rack is versatile and can accommodate bicycle helmets as well as those used in sports like baseball and rugby.

Q: What additional gear can I store on the rack?
A: The rack includes two hooks, which can be used to hang other accessories like gloves, jackets, or even keys.

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