Official GoPro Accessory: Anti-Fog Inserts

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Maximise your GoPro’s performance under diverse conditions with the official Anti-Fog Inserts. Keep your footage crystal clear, regardless of the environment.

GoPro, renowned for its high-quality action cameras, recognises that adventurers push boundaries and often encounter steamy, humid, or frosty conditions. To cater for these enthusiasts, GoPro has developed its official Anti-Fog Inserts.


Prevention Over Cure: Avoid the nuisance of foggy footage. Once fog appears on your lens, it can be challenging to get rid of during post-processing. These inserts nip the problem in the bud.
Reusable Design: After a heavy use session, these inserts can be rejuvenated with an oven’s warmth.
Universal Fit: These inserts are compatible with all GoPro waterproof housings, making them versatile for various models.

With GoPro’s commitment to quality and performance, these Anti-Fog Inserts represent not just an accessory, but an essential tool for any GoPro user.

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