Oxbow Voyager Dirt Bike Helmet Light Kit: Rechargeable & GoPro Mount Compatible

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Oxbow Voyager is a superior choice when it comes to dirt bike helmet lights. Specially designed, this kit offers an impressive 2100 lumens of light power, coupled with the convenience of being rechargeable. Moreover, its compatibility with GoPro mounts is an added advantage, enabling ease of installation and use.
The Oxbow Voyager Dirt Bike Helmet Light Kit is no ordinary addition to your biking gear. Its bright 2100 lumen light ensures enhanced visibility, making it an invaluable companion for your night-time rides or low-light conditions. The three-hour high beam functionality comes courtesy of a highly efficient rechargeable battery, negating the need for constant replacements and promising sustainability.

An impressive aspect of this light kit is its compatibility with GoPro mounts. This feature facilitates seamless integration with your existing equipment, eliminating the need for additional mounts or modifications. The Oxbow Voyager can be easily affixed to your helmet, guaranteeing a stable and secure fitting.

The robust construction of this light kit makes it a durable choice for harsh dirt biking environments. Whether it’s dusty trails or muddy tracks, the Oxbow Voyager stands up to the challenge, providing consistent, bright light whenever you need it.

Opt for Oxbow Voyager Dirt Bike Helmet Light Kit and illuminate your path with unmatched brightness and reliability.
Q: How bright is the Oxbow Voyager Dirt Bike Helmet Light Kit?
A: The Oxbow Voyager Dirt Bike Helmet Light Kit offers an impressive brightness of 2100 lumens.

Q: Is the battery in this light kit rechargeable?
A: Yes, the battery in the Oxbow Voyager Dirt Bike Helmet Light Kit is rechargeable.

Q: Can I mount this light kit on my GoPro mount?
A: Absolutely! The Oxbow Voyager Dirt Bike Helmet Light Kit is compatible with GoPro mounts, allowing for an easy and secure installation.

Q: What is the duration of the high beam on a full charge?
A: On a full charge, the high beam can function for three hours.

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