PAXLamb Padding Set: Comprehensive 27 Piece Universal Foam Kit for Bike, Motorcycle and Cycling Helmets

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Improve your helmet’s fit and comfort with the PAXLamb Helmet Padding Kit. This versatile 27-piece set comprises foam pads of various dimensions, designed for universal application. Whether you’re a cyclist, motorcyclist or bike enthusiast, these easy-to-install pads are your perfect companion for a more enjoyable and secure ride.
This exceptional padding set from PAXLamb is designed to enhance your helmet’s fit and your overall riding experience. The kit contains 27 pieces of high-density, sweat-absorbent foam pads. Each pad differs in size, ensuring suitability for diverse helmet types and sizes.

Offering a blend of comfort and safety, these pads are ideal for cycling, motorcycling, and biking. They are lightweight yet resilient, ready to withstand rigorous use while maintaining comfort levels. The foam’s high-density composition also improves the helmet’s shock absorption capabilities, potentially reducing the risk of injury during a fall or collision.

Each pad in the set is simple to install, thanks to its self-adhesive backing. Peel off the protective layer, position the pad in your helmet, and press down to secure it. Moreover, these pads are also easy to remove and replace, ensuring your helmet remains fresh and comfortable even after prolonged use.

Q: What does the PAXLamb Helmet Padding Kit include?
A: The kit includes 27 pieces of high-density, sweat-absorbent foam pads of varying sizes for universal application.

Q: How do I install these pads in my helmet?
A: Each pad has a self-adhesive backing. Simply remove the protective layer, position the pad, and press down to secure it in place.

Q: Can these pads fit any helmet?
A: While the pads are designed for universal use, their effectiveness will depend on the specific design and size of your helmet. However, the variety of pad sizes should accommodate most helmets.

Q: Are the pads durable?
A: Yes, they are made from high-density foam that’s designed to withstand rigorous use. Additionally, they enhance the helmet’s shock absorption capabilities, which can reduce the risk of injury in a collision.

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