POC Kortal MTB Helmet in Uranium Black & Light Citrine Orange, Medium/Large

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Explore the features of POC Kortal MTB Bike Helmet, ideal for Trail and Enduro riding. This article will guide you through the benefits and specifications of this Medium/Large helmet, designed in striking Uranium Black and Light Citrine Orange Matt finishes.
**If you’re keen on tackling rugged trails, POC’s Kortal MTB helmet is your perfect companion. Crafted with cutting-edge safety technology, it’s not just about looks. The helmet offers adjustable fit and comfort that stands out in the crowd.

Uranium Black and Light Citrine Orange Matt finishes add an aesthetic touch. But what truly sets this helmet apart is its safety features. Designed for trail and enduro riding, it combines style and substance, meeting the demands of modern mountain biking.

Let’s delve into the unique aspects:

Innovative Protection: Built with hardshell technology, it ensures robust protection.
Adjustable Comfort: With a Medium/Large size, it caters to various head shapes.
Striking Aesthetics: The colour combination adds flair to your ride.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or just starting out, this helmet brings confidence to your adventures.
Q: What makes the POC Kortal MTB helmet suitable for trail and enduro riding?
A: The POC Kortal MTB helmet is tailored for trail and enduro with its robust construction, providing both comfort and protection. Its adjustable fit ensures that riders of various head sizes can enjoy the ride safely.

Q: Can you tell me about the colours of this helmet?
A: The helmet comes in a bold combination of Uranium Black and Light Citrine Orange Matt finishes, adding a unique touch to its appearance.

Q: Is the size of the helmet adjustable?
A: Yes, the POC Kortal MTB helmet is available in a Medium/Large size, offering adjustable features to fit different head shapes.

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