POC Tectal Helmet in Uranium Black – MLG Size Review

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Looking for a reliable helmet? Dive into an in-depth exploration of the POC Tectal Helmet in the Uranium Black shade, especially the MLG size variant. Discover its features, advantages, and some frequently asked concerns.
The POC Tectal Helmet in Uranium Black has emerged as a top choice for many. Whether you’re navigating urban roads or rough terrains, safety comes first. With its robust design, this helmet offers not only protection but also a dash of style with its sleek Uranium Black colour. The MLG size ensures a snug fit for those needing a bit more room. The helmet’s design is ergonomic, ensuring comfort during prolonged use. Vents are strategically placed, providing ample airflow while maintaining structural integrity. The visor is adjustable, allowing for a customised shade from the sun or debris. Let’s explore its standout features:

Superior Protection: Incorporates advanced tech for top-notch safety.
Comfortable Fit: The MLG size caters to a broader range of head sizes.
Stylish Design: The Uranium Black shade is both sophisticated and sleek.
Adjustable Visor: Customise your view and protection.
Adequate Ventilation: Ensures you remain cool, irrespective of the environment.

Remember, when choosing a helmet, it’s paramount to consider both comfort and safety. The POC Tectal in Uranium Black doesn’t compromise on either.
Q: Does the POC Tectal Helmet in MLG size accommodate all head shapes?
A: While the MLG size is designed to fit a broad range of head shapes, it’s essential to check the measurements and try it on to ensure a perfect fit.

Q: How does the ventilation compare to other helmets in the market?
A: The POC Tectal Helmet has strategically positioned vents, ensuring optimal airflow without compromising safety, placing it among the top contenders in terms of ventilation.

Q: Is the visor removable?
A: Yes, the visor is adjustable and can be easily removed if one prefers.

Q: How does the Uranium Black shade hold up in sunny conditions? Does it get too hot?
A: The colour is designed to be both stylish and functional. While darker shades can absorb more heat, the helmet’s ventilation system compensates, keeping the head cool.

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