Potensic 4K Drone: Sony 12MP Camera, GPS, Under 250g, 5G WiFi FPV, 3 Batteries & Backpack

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Discover Potensic’s latest innovation: a lightweight drone fitted with a high-definition Sony 12MP camera. Designed for both novices and seasoned flyers, this drone guarantees sharp aerial shots and dependable GPS stability. With the inclusion of three batteries and a backpack, you’re prepared for any adventure.

The world of drones has witnessed yet another remarkable product – the Potensic 4K drone. Notably lightweight at less than 250g, this gadget is perfect for users looking to capture high-quality photographs without the hassle of handling a hefty device. Its Sony 12MP UHD lens promises crisp, vibrant shots that bring your aerial photography to life.

For newcomers to the world of drone piloting, the Potensic model offers stable GPS hovering, eliminating worries about losing control or positioning. Those after an immersive experience will appreciate the 5G WiFi FPV feature, enabling real-time viewing from the drone’s perspective.

Moreover, the three batteries ensure prolonged flight sessions, letting you maximise your time in the sky. To top it all off, the package includes a backpack, ensuring safe storage and easy transport.

Whether for leisure or professional pursuits, the Potensic 4K drone is a robust choice, promising a seamless flight experience and unparalleled photo quality.

**Q:** How heavy is the Potensic 4K drone?
**A:** The drone is notably lightweight, weighing less than 250g.

Q: What type of camera does the drone feature?
A: It’s equipped with a Sony 12MP UHD lens, ideal for high-quality aerial shots.

Q: How many batteries are included?
A: The package contains three batteries, allowing for extended flight times.

Q: Is there a real-time viewing feature?
A: Yes, the drone supports 5G WiFi FPV, enabling users to view footage in real-time from the drone’s perspective.

Q: Does the drone come with storage or transport solutions?
A: Absolutely. It includes a backpack, ensuring your drone remains safe during storage and transport.

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