Retrospec Silas Adult Cycle Helmets with Light for Blokes & Sheilas

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Discover the Retrospec Silas Adult Cycle Helmet. Designed for safety and style, this headgear caters to both men and women, enhanced by the added benefit of an in-built light. Equipped for any riding environment, Retrospec helmets ensure that you stand out in the crowd while offering maximum protection.
The Retrospec Silas Cycle Helmet has set a high standard in the biking community, acclaimed for its blend of style, comfort, and safety. Designed for blokes and sheilas alike, these helmets make a statement without compromising on safety.

The helmet features a light built into its design, providing an added layer of visibility and safety for your rides. Be it a leisurely cruise in the park or a challenging mountain biking adventure, this light ensures that you’re always noticeable, reducing the risk of mishaps.

But there’s more to the Retrospec Silas Helmet than just the light. It’s constructed with sturdy materials designed to absorb impact and shield your head from potential injury. The adjustable fit system ensures a snug, comfortable fit, while the vents promote airflow, keeping you cool even during the most strenuous rides.

The Retrospec Silas Helmet isn’t just a protective gear, it’s a statement piece. With an array of colours to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your personal style. Explore the wild or cruise the city streets with the confidence of being protected, visible, and stylish.
Q: Is the light on the Retrospec Silas Helmet easily replaceable?
A: Yes, the light on the helmet is designed to be user-friendly and can be easily replaced when required.

Q: Can the helmet be adjusted to fit different head sizes?
A: Absolutely. The Retrospec Silas Helmet comes with an adjustable fit system to ensure a comfortable fit for different head sizes.

Q: Does the Retrospec Silas Helmet provide enough ventilation?
A: Yes, the helmet features multiple vents to promote airflow, making it ideal for long, strenuous rides.

Q: Is the Retrospec Silas Helmet suitable for night rides?
A: With the in-built light providing additional visibility, the Retrospec Silas Helmet is perfect for rides at any hour, ensuring you’re always noticeable.

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