Rubber Warhawk Wig: Mohawk Accessory for Helmets | Perfect for Bike, Skate, Scooter, Ski, Motorcycle

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Discover an accessory that’s a cut above the rest! Add flair to your headgear, whether you’re a cyclist, a skater, a biker, or an avid skier. Our rubber Warhawk wig in reflective punk style brings a unique edge to your helmet and makes you stand out from the crowd.
Immerse in the thrill of adventure sports while making a bold style statement with the rubber Warhawk wig. This black accessory in reflective punk style is designed to stick on any helmet, enhancing its visual appeal instantly. No matter if you’re speeding downhill on your bike, gliding on your skateboard, riding your scooter, or navigating snowy slopes on your skis, this Mohawk-inspired accessory is your ultimate partner. Its unique design channels the rebellious spirit of the punk era, reflecting your zest for extreme sports and a penchant for distinct style. The Warhawk wig is built to withstand the rigours of any sport, making it a must-have accessory for the passionate adventurer.
Q: Can I stick this on any helmet?
A: Absolutely! The rubber Warhawk wig can be affixed to any helmet – be it for biking, skating, skiing, or riding a scooter.

Q: Does the adhesive hold well?
A: Yes, the adhesive is robust and designed to withstand the demands of adventure sports, ensuring that the Warhawk wig stays in place.

Q: Is the wig weather resistant?
A: The Warhawk wig is constructed from durable materials, making it resistant to various weather conditions.

Q: Does this accessory impact helmet safety?
A: No, the Warhawk wig is a purely decorative accessory and does not influence the safety capabilities of your helmet.

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