Rugged 4K Action Cam: Motorcycle Helmet Cam with WiFi, Supports 128G TF Card – 40M Waterproof with Dual Batteries, External Mic & Mounting Kit

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Dive into an ocean of possibilities or race across rocky trails – our 4K WiFi action camera is your steadfast partner for every venture. With an astonishing capacity to function 40M underwater and tailored to snugly fit on your motorcycle helmet, this high-definition camera will bring forth the true adventurer in you. Packaged with dual batteries, an external microphone, and a mounting kit, you’ll be ready for any expedition.
Never miss a moment with our feature-rich, 4K action camera, adeptly built for diverse terrains and adrenaline-packed ventures. Its primary highlight is the incredible ability to operate 40M underwater, making it a diver’s best friend. Record breathtaking marine wonders with undiluted clarity and vividity.

Furthermore, our action camera emerges as an optimal accessory for bikers, capable of being mounted securely on a motorcycle helmet. Capture your daring exploits with crystal-clear precision, whether it’s cruising along the highway or manoeuvring around bends on the mountain roads.

Our 4K WiFi action camera can accommodate a whopping 128G TF Card, ensuring you won’t run out of space during your most exciting adventures. It is also equipped with dual batteries, providing prolonged, uninterrupted recording time. Additionally, the camera comes with an external microphone for excellent audio capture and an assortment of mounting accessories to support various filming scenarios.

Get ready to venture into the wild with a camera that is as intrepid as you are. Cherish those unforgettable moments in vibrant detail with our rugged, 4K WiFi action camera.
Q: Can I use the action camera for diving?
A: Absolutely! Our camera is designed to function 40M underwater, perfect for capturing marine adventures.

Q: Will it fit on any motorcycle helmet?
A: Indeed. The camera comes with a versatile mounting kit that can easily fit on various helmet types.

Q: Does the camera support large memory cards?
A: Yes. The action camera supports up to a 128G TF Card.

Q: What does the package include?
A: The package includes the 4K WiFi action camera, dual batteries, an external microphone, and a mounting kit.

Q: Is the camera suitable for hiking and outdoor activities?
A: Certainly. Our camera is robustly designed to handle outdoor activities and extreme sports.

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