RunCam 5 4K Action Cam: Compact HD Cube for FPV Drone, Bike, Helmet & More

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Discover the RunCam 5 4K Action Cam – a compact cube design that perfectly fits FPV drones, motorcycle helmets, bikes, and more. With compatibility for Gopro Session and Caddx Orca mounts, it’s an all-round performer enhancing your adventure recordings.

Unveiling the RunCam 5 4K Action Cam, a small yet powerful device for those on the move. Its cube design offers versatile mounting options, making it a top pick for diverse activities. From soaring the skies with FPV drones to dashing down the road on a bike or experiencing the thrill of airsoft, this cam captures it all in stunning 4K.

Key Features:

Cube Design: Conveniently fits various platforms.
4K HD Recording: Ensure clarity in every shot.
Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Gopro Session, Caddx Orca, and other popular mounts.
EIS Support: Enhance stability in action-packed scenarios.

This cam doesn’t just capture moments; it amplifies experiences. Whether you’re in the air, on land, or anywhere in between, the RunCam 5 4K has you covered.

**Q:** Can I use the RunCam 5 4K on my bike helmet?
**A:** Absolutely. Its cube design is perfect for helmets, offering stable and clear recordings.

Q: Is it compatible with mounts other than Gopro Session and Caddx Orca?
A: While it’s specifically designed for Gopro Session and Caddx Orca mounts, its versatility allows for use with many other mounts. Always check fitting specifications to ensure a snug fit.

Q: Does it have a stabilisation feature?
A: Yes, the cam supports EIS (Electronic Image Stabilisation) to ensure smooth footage even in high-action situations.

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