SANDMARC Compact Edition: Waterproof Pole for GoPro & Osmo Action

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Discover the versatile features of the SANDMARC Compact Edition Pole. Designed for a range of GoPro and Osmo Action cameras, this waterproof accessory elevates your photography experience.

The SANDMARC Compact Edition Pole is not just another accessory. Engineered for both GoPro and Osmo Action models, it’s an essential for avid photographers and videographers alike. Dive into an ocean or capture aerial views on a mountain, this pole is waterproof and robust. Its adjustable length of 10-25 makes it suitable for varied shooting needs, from close-up selfies to wider group photos. No need to switch between different accessories; the Compact Edition seamlessly accommodates GoPro Hero 11 down to 2 HD and even the Osmo Action. Upgrade your photography kit with this multi-compatible pole.

Q: Which camera models are compatible with the SANDMARC Compact Edition?
A: It’s compatible with GoPro Hero 11 to 2 HD and the Osmo Action.

Q: Is the pole waterproof?
A: Yes, it’s designed to be waterproof, suitable for diverse environments.

Q: What’s the length range of the pole?
A: It can be adjusted between 10-25, fitting various photography needs.

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