Schwinn Thrasher: Lightweight Safety-Certified Helmet for Kids – Ideal for Boys & Girls (50-54cm Circumference) with Detachable Visor

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Unveiling Schwinn Thrasher, the top-quality helmet tailored for youngsters. Suited to fit kids with a head circumference of 50-54cm, it offers paramount safety with its CPSC certification. With its detachable visor, it adds a touch of versatility, while the lightweight design ensures the utmost comfort. Ideal for both boys and girls, this helmet fosters a secure, enjoyable cycling experience.
Children’s safety is paramount, especially during active pastimes such as cycling. Schwinn Thrasher, our distinguished helmet, pledges comprehensive protection with its CPSC certification, and fits youngsters with a head circumference between 50-54cm. This helmet is not exclusive to boys or girls; it’s a versatile piece of safety gear for any child.

Moreover, the Thrasher is as practical as it is protective. A detachable visor has been incorporated into the design, allowing for flexibility in various weather conditions. Its lightweight nature ensures that children won’t be weighed down during their cycling adventures, fostering a balance between safety and comfort.

Our mission with Schwinn Thrasher is to provide a helmet that doesn’t compromise on safety, style or comfort. It’s the ultimate blend of safety features and child-friendly design, created to enhance their cycling experience, and offer parents peace of mind.
Q: Who can use the Schwinn Thrasher helmet?
A: The Schwinn Thrasher is designed for both boys and girls with a head circumference of 50-54cm.

Q: What safety certifications does the Schwinn Thrasher helmet have?
A: The Schwinn Thrasher helmet is CPSC certified, ensuring it meets high safety standards.

Q: Does the Schwinn Thrasher helmet come with any additional features?
A: Yes, the Schwinn Thrasher helmet comes with a detachable visor. This feature enhances its flexibility, catering to various weather conditions.

Q: Is the Schwinn Thrasher helmet heavy for children?
A: No, the Schwinn Thrasher helmet is designed to be lightweight to ensure children’s comfort during their cycling adventures.

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