SCOTT Vivo Plus Helmet – Superior Protection for Adults

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Discover the SCOTT Vivo Plus Helmet, designed specifically for adults who prioritise both safety and style while on the move.
The SCOTT Vivo Plus Helmet stands out in the realm of head protection. Not only does it boast a sleek design tailored for the adult audience, but it also ensures optimal safety with its advanced features. The ergonomic shape ensures a snug fit, while the ventilation system keeps the wearer cool during prolonged use. Whether for daily commuting or adventurous outings, the SCOTT Vivo Plus Helmet emerges as a top pick for those who refuse to compromise on safety or style.
Q: How does the ventilation system in the SCOTT Vivo Plus Helmet function?
A: The helmet features strategically placed vents that promote airflow, reducing heat and maintaining comfort.

Q: Can the SCOTT Vivo Plus Helmet be adjusted for different head sizes?
A: Yes, the helmet comes with an adjustable fit system, catering to a range of adult head sizes.

Q: Is the design of the SCOTT Vivo Plus Helmet suitable for both men and women?
A: Absolutely! The helmet’s design is versatile and caters to both genders.

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