Sena R2, R2 EVO, R2X: Smart Bluetooth Cycling Helmets for Ultimate Road Commuting

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Explore the realms of integrated technology with Sena’s R2, R2 EVO, and R2X smart Bluetooth cycling helmets. Melding safety and connectivity, these helmets reshape the parameters of road cycling. Learn about their high-tech attributes, the perks of owning one, and ways to maximise their potential.
Conquering the road requires more than just endurance and speed; it’s about staying safe and connected. The Sena R2, R2 EVO, and R2X smart Bluetooth helmets exemplify this philosophy by integrating cutting-edge technology into robust cycling helmets.

Starting with the R2, its design suits both pros and novices alike. The built-in Bluetooth communication system enables the wearer to stay connected with the world without compromising safety.

The R2 EVO builds upon its predecessor with enhanced audio quality and intercom function, allowing cyclists to communicate with each other, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable ride.

At the top of the range sits the R2X. It not only incorporates all features from the previous models, but also introduces an advanced noise control system, adding an extra layer of serenity to your ride.

All three helmets offer a seamless blend of safety, comfort, and connectivity, promising a revolutionary experience to all road cycling enthusiasts.
Q: How does the intercom function on the R2 EVO work?
A: The R2 EVO’s intercom function allows cyclists to communicate with each other wirelessly. By syncing the helmets, riders can chat freely and share their experiences.

Q: What makes the R2X’s noise control system advanced?
A: The R2X’s noise control system efficiently reduces external noise, enabling the wearer to enjoy a quieter ride and have clear conversations, even in noisy environments.

Q: Are these helmets comfortable for long rides?
A: Yes, the Sena R2, R2 EVO, and R2X helmets are designed with comfort in mind. They are lightweight and have adjustable fittings, ensuring they can be tailored to individual comfort levels.

Q: Can I connect my phone to these helmets?
A: Yes, these helmets come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, which allow you to connect your smartphone, enabling hands-free calls, music, and even GPS navigation.

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