SJCAM C100+ Petite 4K30FPS Wearable Action Camera, WiFi Connected, Subaquatic to 98FT, Magnetic Helmet Attachable, 32G Micro SD Included, Featherlight 1 oz, Diminutive Size 2.410.6 inch

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The SJCAM C100+ is a mini but mighty action camera, capable of capturing life’s adventures in stunning 4K resolution. Lightweight and portable, this wearable camera ensures you won’t miss a moment, whether on land or under the waves. The inbuilt WiFi connectivity facilitates convenient control through your mobile device, while the supplied 32GB Micro SD card provides ample storage for your footage.
The SJCAM C100+ offers a range of impressive features in a surprisingly compact form. The heart of this tiny camera lies in its ability to shoot 4K videos at 30FPS, producing crystal clear footage of your most thrilling exploits. But its capabilities don’t stop there; the camera’s underwater rating means it can accompany you on dives up to 98 feet deep, expanding the range of potential adventures.

The WiFi-enabled feature allows you to control the camera through your smartphone, making it a breeze to line up shots, change settings, or preview your videos. Plus, the camera’s magnetic mount system makes it versatile to attach to helmets or other equipment, keeping your hands free to enjoy the action.

Moreover, the package comes with a 32GB Micro SD card to keep you well-equipped for your recording needs. This tiny marvel weighs just an ounce and measures a compact 2.410.6 inches, making it unobtrusive and easy to carry, no matter where your adventures lead you.
Q: Does the SJCAM C100+ come with a Micro SD card?
A: Yes, the package includes a 32GB Micro SD card.

Q: Can the SJCAM C100+ be controlled via a smartphone?
A: Absolutely, you can control the camera via WiFi using the dedicated app on your smartphone.

Q: What is the maximum depth the SJCAM C100+ can handle underwater?
A: The SJCAM C100+ is rated to withstand underwater depths up to 98 feet.

Q: How much does the SJCAM C100+ weigh?
A: The SJCAM C100+ weighs a featherlight 1 oz, making it easy to carry on any adventure.

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