SJCAM SJ6Pro 4K Dual Screen Action Cam | WiFi, 170° FOV, Waterproof, 8X Zoom & More

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Discover the potential of the SJCAM SJ6Pro, a dual-screen action camera designed for vivid captures. Experience superior quality with 4K visuals, robust WiFi capabilities, a 170° field of vision, and underwater resilience up to 40m. Don’t just record, revolutionise your memories.

The world of action photography has taken a massive leap with the SJCAM SJ6Pro. Delve deep into its feature set:

1. **Dual Screen Advantage**: Navigate with ease, monitor your shots and experience interactive settings adjustments.
2. **High-Resolution Imaging**: Revel in 4K clarity and a brilliant 24MP for stills, ensuring every detail remains crisp.
3. **WiFi Prowess**: Transfer, share, and stream your content seamlessly.
4. **Expansive 170° FOV**: Never miss a detail, capturing expansive landscapes and action-packed scenes.
5. **Immersive Underwater Shots**: Waterproof up to 40m, it’s an ideal companion for diving and aquatic adventures.
6. **Precision Zoom**: 8X zoom allows for close-ups, focusing on the intricacies of every scene.
7. **Rock Solid Stabilisation**: 6-axis image stabilization ensures your content remains steady, even in tumultuous settings.
8. **Extended Accessories**: Comes equipped with external MIC support, two 1000mAh batteries, a 64G card, and essential kits for riders.

Embrace an unparalleled action-cam experience with the SJCAM SJ6Pro.

**Q**: Does the SJ6Pro support an external microphone?
**A**: Absolutely, the SJCAM SJ6Pro has external MIC support, enhancing audio quality for your captures.

**Q**: Can I use the camera for diving?
**A**: Yes, the camera is underwater resistant up to 40m, making it perfect for diving adventures.

**Q**: How many batteries are included in the package?
**A**: The package includes two 1000mAh batteries, ensuring longer capture durations.

**Q**: Is a memory card provided with the camera?
**A**: Indeed, the SJCAM SJ6Pro comes with a 64G card for storage convenience.

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