Smith Optics Session MIPS Cycle Helmet – Matte Get Wild Large

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The Smith Optics Session MIPS is more than just protection for your head. With its ‘Matte Get Wild’ finish in a large size, it merges style with safety. Perfect for mountain biking enthusiasts, it stands out as a must-have piece of gear.
Mountain biking demands both skill and equipment that can withstand the rugged terrains. Among essential gears, helmets remain paramount. But why settle for just any helmet? The Smith Optics Session MIPS offers not only top-tier safety features, including the MIPS technology, but also showcases an aesthetic that riders can be proud of. The ‘Matte Get Wild’ design, large in size, provides both a visual appeal and the assurance of protection, making every ride not just thrilling but safe. Whether you’re an amateur biker or a seasoned rider, the Smith Optics Session is a valuable addition to your biking arsenal.
Q: What’s the primary feature of the Smith Optics Session helmet?
A: It boasts the MIPS technology for enhanced safety combined with a striking ‘Matte Get Wild’ design.

Q: Is the helmet suitable for professional mountain biking?
A: Yes, both amateurs and seasoned riders can benefit from its features.

Q: Does it come in sizes other than large?
A: The title specifies a large size, but it’s recommended to check with the retailer for other size options.

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