Softeez Small Devil Horns, USA Made, Foam Helmet Enhancement for Biking, Skiing, Airsoft – Not Including Helmet

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Adding an exciting touch to your helmet, we bring you Softeez Small Devil Horns. Made in the USA, these foam accessories can transform any bike, ski or airsoft helmet into a striking piece. Despite their bold aesthetics, these horns are not supplied with a helmet.
Constructed from high-quality foam, our Softeez Small Devil Horns offer a fun and unique way to personalise your helmet. These devil horns are a great match for various types of helmets – bike, ski, and airsoft. Featuring a peel and stick design, they provide easy application and durability. Manufactured in the USA, these helmet accessories ensure quality and longevity. They come in a pair, but it’s important to note that the helmet is not included in the package. Choose our Softeez Small Devil Horns for an added dash of flair to your helmet adventures.
Q: What materials are the Softeez Small Devil Horns made of?
A: They are made from high-quality foam, ensuring they are lightweight yet durable.

Q: Can I attach these to any helmet?
A: Yes, the horns are versatile and can be attached to a bike, ski or airsoft helmet.

Q: Is the helmet included in the package?
A: No, the package includes the pair of horns only.

Q: How do I attach these to my helmet?
A: The horns come with a peel and stick design, making them easy to attach.

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