Softeez Unicorn Horn Helmet Flair, Foam Accessory for Bike, Ski & Airsoft Helmets, Made in USA, Peel & Stick, Pair

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Immerse in a realm of fantasy while ensuring safety with our Softeez Unicorn Horn Helmet Flair. Crafted in the USA with quality and comfort in mind, this helmet accessory transforms ordinary bike, ski, and airsoft helmets into something extraordinary. With its peel & stick feature, it’s as easy to attach as it is to imagine galloping through mystical landscapes.
The Softeez Unicorn Horn Helmet Flair is a unique accessory for helmet enthusiasts. Made in the USA, it adheres to high standards of quality and safety. This foam accessory is a perfect addition to bike, ski, and airsoft helmets, instantly transforming them into a whimsical unicorn-inspired piece.

Designed for comfort and durability, the helmet flair is constructed from soft, premium foam. It’s lightweight, won’t compromise the functionality of the helmet, and its strong adhesive ensures it stays in place.

The package includes a pair of unicorn horn flairs. These are easy to attach with the peel and stick design, allowing for a quick and simple way to personalize your helmet. Please note that the helmet is not included in the purchase.

Whether you’re an avid cyclist, a skiing enthusiast, or an airsoft player, the Softeez Unicorn Horn Helmet Flair lets you add a touch of magic to your safety gear.
Q: Is the Softeez Unicorn Horn Helmet Flair suitable for all helmet sizes?
A: Yes, our product is designed to fit all helmet sizes. Its peel and stick feature allows for easy application on any helmet.

Q: What is the product made of?
A: The unicorn horn is made of high-quality foam, providing both durability and comfort without affecting the helmet’s function.

Q: Is the helmet included in the purchase?
A: No, the package includes only a pair of Softeez Unicorn Horn Helmet Flairs. The helmet is not included.

Q: How do I attach the unicorn horn to my helmet?
A: Our product comes with a peel and stick feature. Simply peel off the protective layer and stick the unicorn horn onto your helmet. It’s as easy as that!

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