STUDSON SHK-1 Vented Safety Helmet – Black M/L Size (53-59cm)

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Discover the STUDSON SHK-1 Vented Safety Helmet. Engineered for your safety, this black M/L size helmet (53-59cm) ensures the utmost protection while on the job. Its innovative vented design promotes comfort without compromising on security.
Protection and style come together in the STUDSON SHK-1 Vented Safety Helmet. Suitable for various industrial environments, it’s designed for individuals who require reliable head protection. The adjustable size ranging from 53 to 59cm ensures a snug fit for most users. Its vented structure allows for increased breathability, thus enhancing the overall wearing experience. With its robust construction and sleek black appearance, this helmet not only fulfils safety standards but also adds a touch of elegance to your protective gear.
Q: What is the size range for the STUDSON SHK-1 Vented Safety Helmet?
A: The size range is 53 to 59cm, making it suitable for most M/L head sizes.

Q: Is the helmet’s vented design beneficial?
A: Yes, the vented design enhances breathability, offering comfort without sacrificing safety.

Q: Can it be used in different industrial environments?
A: Absolutely, its robust construction makes it adaptable to various working conditions, ensuring protection.

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