Substitute Padding for Giro Pneumo Helmet Plus Bonus Cushions

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If your cherished Giro Pneumo Helmet’s pads are worn or if you’re simply after a fresh, more comfortable experience, our aftermarket replacement pads are precisely what you need. Boost the longevity of your helmet with top-quality, replaceable linings and gain extra comfort with our bonus pads. Perfect for cycling enthusiasts who prioritise both safety and comfort.

Our aftermarket replacement pads are not merely practical, but also designed to maximise user comfort and helmet fit. These pads are manufactured to suit Giro Pneumo Helmets specifically, guaranteeing an optimal fit. Moreover, the bonus pads allow for added adjustment or replacement, ensuring your helmet remains comfortable and functional.

Crafted from high-grade, durable materials, these replacement pads stand up to extensive use without compromising on comfort. They’re straightforward to install, enabling you to refresh your helmet’s lining without a fuss. By regularly replacing your helmet’s padding, you not only enhance comfort but also maintain its protective capabilities.

While original equipment may serve you well, aftermarket replacements offer the opportunity for an improved, personalised experience. With these replacements and bonus pads, you can ensure your Giro Pneumo Helmet stays in prime condition, giving you confidence in your gear and performance.

Q: Can these replacement pads fit other helmet models?
A: These pads are specifically designed for Giro Pneumo Helmets and may not perfectly fit other models.

Q: Are the replacement pads difficult to install?
A: Not at all, they are designed for easy installation. However, ensure to follow the accompanying instructions to guarantee correct placement and fit.

Q: Do these pads affect the helmet’s protective abilities?
A: No, the replacement pads are meant to uphold or even enhance the helmet’s safety by ensuring a proper, comfortable fit.

Q: How frequently should I replace my helmet pads?
A: The frequency of replacement depends on usage, but as a rule of thumb, if the pads are worn or uncomfortable, it’s time for a new set.

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