Superior Safety with Giro Radix MIPS Men’s Off-Road Bicycle Helmet

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Adventurous pedalling needs advanced protection, meet Giro Radix MIPS Men’s Off-Road Bicycle Helmet. Designed for trail-blazing riders, it provides impeccable safety, superior comfort, and high-end functionality, ensuring an enjoyable ride.
The Giro Radix MIPS Men’s Off-Road Bicycle Helmet is built with a fusion in-mould polycarbonate shell that gives a sturdy yet lightweight structure. The helmet integrates the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), aimed to reduce rotational forces that result from certain impacts.

A Roc Loc 5.5 MIPS system provides an easy-to-adjust fit that feels custom-built, ensuring the helmet sits perfectly on your head, offering optimal protection. Furthermore, the CoolFit anti-microbial padding offers enhanced comfort, while the 25 wind tunnel vents ensure exceptional cooling airflow.

The adjustable moto-style visor increases the helmet’s versatility, ensuring excellent visibility in various conditions. The design, with its sleek lines and vibrant colours, provides a style statement that any trail rider would appreciate.

Invest in the Giro Radix MIPS Men’s Off-Road Bicycle Helmet to experience a new level of safety, comfort, and performance on your cycling adventures.

Q: What kind of safety features does the Giro Radix MIPS Men’s Helmet offer?
A: It features the MIPS technology, which helps to reduce rotational forces during certain impacts, and a durable fusion in-mould polycarbonate shell for sturdy protection.

Q: Is it easy to adjust the helmet’s fit?
A: Yes, the helmet includes a Roc Loc 5.5 MIPS system, allowing easy adjustments for a secure, custom-like fit.

Q: What comfort features are included in the helmet?
A: It’s equipped with CoolFit anti-microbial padding for superior comfort, and 25 wind tunnel vents for excellent cooling airflow.

Q: Does the helmet offer any additional functionality?
A: The helmet comes with an adjustable moto-style visor to enhance visibility in various conditions.

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