Top-notch Bike Helmets for Gents and Ladies: Small/Large, Protective, Adjustable in 5 Striking Shades, PU Sunshade, 12 Reflective Stickers, Fits 21.7-24.4 INCH, Designed for Safe Cycling

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Explore our range of premium bicycle helmets for both men and women, designed with utmost safety and style considerations. Crafted for small to large heads, these adjustable head protectors make your cycling endeavours both safe and comfortable. Available in an array of five colours, these helmets incorporate a PU sunshade for your comfort in bright conditions. A set of 12 reflective stickers ensures increased visibility, enhancing your safety on the roads. Make your choice now for a snug fit between 21.7-24.4 INCH, and elevate your cycling experience.

Cycling is not just about fitness or adventure; it’s about ensuring safety as well. Our bicycle helmets, specifically designed for adults, are made to provide you with the perfect blend of comfort, style, and most importantly, protection. Suitable for both women and men, these helmets come in sizes from small to large, ensuring a secure fit for all. The adjustable feature allows you to find a perfect fit, contributing to safety and comfort.

The helmets come in a range of five vibrant colours, giving you the freedom to express your personal style while enjoying your cycling journey. The incorporated PU sunshade ensures your eyes stay protected from harsh sunlight during your rides.

A unique feature of these helmets is the inclusion of 12 reflective stickers. When riding in low light or night-time conditions, these stickers boost your visibility, alerting other road users to your presence and making your rides safer.

With measurements catering to 21.7-24.4 INCH, these helmets will surely provide you with an exceptional fit and top-level protection, enhancing your cycling experience while keeping you safe.

Q: Can the size of the helmet be adjusted?
A: Yes, our bicycle helmets have an adjustable feature to provide a perfect fit for different head sizes.

Q: How does the PU sunshade help during the ride?
A: The PU sunshade on our helmets shields your eyes from harsh sunlight, enhancing comfort during your cycling journey.

Q: Are the reflective stickers pre-attached or do I have to put them on myself?
A: The reflective stickers are provided with the helmet. You can attach them yourself, giving you the freedom to customise the visibility according to your preference.

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