Trace MIPS Road Biking Helmet by Smith Optics: Unrivalled Protection

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Discover the unparalleled design and exceptional safety measures provided by the Trace MIPS Road Cycling Helmet from Smith Optics. Offering ultimate protection for cyclists, this helmet balances innovative technology with comfort to cater to your riding needs.

The Trace MIPS Road Cycling Helmet is one of Smith Optics’ leading products, designed with the cyclist’s safety and comfort at the forefront. Its distinctive MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology offers riders superior protection during falls by reducing rotational forces that can result in brain injuries.

The helmet also features Aerocore construction, incorporating Koroyd sections that boost airflow while maintaining structural integrity. A perfect blend of safety and style, the helmet is available in various colours, ensuring it suits every cyclist’s aesthetic preferences.

Smith Optics has also placed an emphasis on comfort, designing the Trace MIPS helmet with a VaporFit adjustable fit system. This system allows for a tailored fit, ensuring maximum comfort on lengthy rides. Additionally, the helmet comes with a lightweight webbing that won’t weigh the rider down.

An integrated eyewear storage system adds to the helmet’s practicality, allowing riders to securely store their sunglasses when not in use. Reflective elements are strategically placed on the helmet to ensure visibility in low light, adding another layer of safety.

Q: Is the Trace MIPS Road Cycling Helmet suitable for mountain biking?

A: While the helmet offers superior protection and comfort, it is specifically designed for road cycling. However, its safety features make it suitable for various types of biking, not limited to road cycling alone.

Q: Does the helmet accommodate different head sizes?

A: Absolutely, the VaporFit adjustable fit system is designed to cater to different head sizes and shapes, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

Q: Is there a weight limit for the helmet?

A: No, the helmet doesn’t have a weight limit. It’s lightweight and designed to offer optimal comfort during your rides.

Q: Does the helmet come in various colours?

A: Yes, the Trace MIPS Road Cycling Helmet is available in a range of colours to suit every individual’s style preference.

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