Troy Lee A3 Uno Helmet W/MIPS – EPP EPS – Lightweight for MTB, Enduro & Trail

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When it comes to cycling, especially on rough mountain terrains, safety is paramount. Troy Lee’s A3 Uno Half Shell Mountain Bike Helmet with MIPS provides that assurance with style. Equipped with EPP and EPS technology, it offers premium lightweight protection for all mountain, enduro, gravel, and trail cycling adventures.
Constructed with innovation in mind, the Troy Lee A3 Uno Helmet not only meets but exceeds the safety standards for mountain biking. Combining the advanced MIPS technology with EPP and EPS premium lightweight materials, it offers optimal protection without compromising comfort or aesthetics. Suitable for various terrains including mountain trails, enduro racing, and gravel paths, it’s a must-have for both professional cyclists and enthusiasts. Its superior design ensures a snug fit, while the breathable vents provide cooling even in demanding conditions. The adjustable visor adds to the functional appeal, making the A3 Uno Helmet by Troy Lee a top choice for safety and style.
Q: What makes the Troy Lee A3 Uno Helmet stand out?
A: Its combination of MIPS technology with EPP and EPS makes it lightweight yet strong, providing top-notch safety.

Q: Is it suitable for all types of mountain biking?
A: Yes, it’s perfect for all mountain, enduro, gravel, and trail cycling.

Q: How does it ensure comfort during a ride?
A: The helmet’s design features breathable vents and adjustable visors to ensure comfort in all conditions.

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