TSG Scope Helmet for Bicycles & Mountain Bikes – Tuned Fit Trail – Adults & Youth – Low Fit Protective Gear – Impact Protection – Air Vents – Strap Lamp/Camera Mount – Swiss Safety Rated

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Your journey toward better cycling protection starts with the TSG Scope Helmet. Designed for both adults and youth, this Swiss safety-rated helmet is tailored for mountain biking and general cycling use. Features such as tuned fit trail, low fit protective gear, impact protection, air vents, and a versatile strap for lamp/camera mount set this helmet apart from others.
Protection and comfort are paramount in cycling, and the TSG Scope Helmet offers both. The tuned fit trail system ensures a snug fit for various head shapes, while the low fit design offers additional safety. Impact protection is provided through cutting-edge materials, engineered to absorb shocks. The built-in air vents maintain airflow, keeping the rider cool. Additionally, the strap lamp/camera mount offers the practicality of attaching accessories, making it a choice gear for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Complying with Swiss safety standards, this helmet is a symbol of quality and performance.
Q: Can the TSG Scope Helmet be used for other sports besides cycling?
A: Primarily designed for cycling, including mountain biking, it may not be suitable for other sports.

Q: Is it adjustable to fit different head sizes?
A: Yes, the tuned fit trail system allows for adjustments, accommodating both adults and youth.

Q: What makes the Swiss safety rating significant?
A: The Swiss safety rating signifies compliance with strict safety standards, ensuring top-notch protection.

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