ULANZI V2 Vlogging Case: Mount Cage for Gopro Hero 5-7, Microphone & LED Integration

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Dive deep into the multifaceted world of vlogging setups with the ULANZI V2 case. Not just a protection for your Gopro Hero models 5 through 7, it’s an accessory haven, offering an inbuilt cold shoe mount for microphones and LED lights. From amateur vloggers to seasoned professionals, this unique product promises to enhance the video-making experience.

Vlogging’s popularity has soared, with creators constantly seeking reliable and multifunctional equipment. The ULANZI V2 case addresses these needs perfectly. Tailored for Gopro Hero models 5, 6, and 7, this durable frame not only offers protection but also acts as a hub for essential vlogging tools.

Key Features:

Cold Shoe Mount Integration: Allows you to attach your favourite microphones and LED lights seamlessly.
Wire Connectable Design: Ensures you’re never tangled or limited in movement.
Sturdy Frame Housing: Provides the assurance your camera remains unscathed during intense vlogging sessions.
Effortless Setup: Installation is a breeze, even for those less tech-savvy.

As the demand for quality video content rises, equipment like the ULANZI V2 becomes invaluable. By amalgamating several functions into one sleek design, it streamlines the vlogging process, granting creators the freedom to focus on content creation.

**Q:** Can this case fit other camera models besides the Gopro Hero 5-7?
**A:** No, the ULANZI V2 is specifically designed for Gopro Hero models 5, 6, and 7.

Q: How durable is the frame when exposed to external conditions?
A: The case boasts a robust build, ensuring your camera remains protected in various settings.

Q: Is the cold shoe mount universal?
A: Yes, the cold shoe mount is designed to accommodate most standard microphones and LED lights.

Q: Are there any compatibility issues with third-party accessories?
A: While the case is versatile, always ensure any accessory’s compatibility before attaching.

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