Ultimaxx Bundle with GoPro HERO11, 64GB Card, LED Light & 30+ Accessories

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Discover the unmatched value of the Ultimaxx Bundle tailored for the avid adventurer. This set, featuring the renowned GoPro HERO11, offers you more than just capturing moments. Dive deeper, shoot clearer, and make memories last longer.
Dive into the world of action photography with the Ultimaxx Premium Bundle. At its heart is the GoPro HERO11, famed for its sharp captures and versatile performance. Paired with a SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSD card, storage concerns are a thing of the past. With the inclusion of a replacement battery, the adventures never have to pause. The 40M Underwater LED light, complete with a bracket housing, ensures clarity even in the deepest adventures. Moreover, this set boasts more than 30 essential accessories, all designed to enhance the photo and video capturing experience. Don’t just record moments, make every shot exceptional with the Ultimaxx Bundle.
Q: What’s the storage capacity of the memory card included?
A: The bundle includes a SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSD card.

Q: Can I use the GoPro underwater without additional housing?
A: The GoPro HERO11 is water-resistant, but for deeper dives, especially beyond 10 meters, using the provided underwater housing is recommended.

Q: How many additional items come with this bundle?
A: The set comprises more than 30 accessories, ensuring a comprehensive shooting experience.

Q: Is there an LED light suitable for nighttime shooting?
A: Yes, there’s a 40M Underwater LED light with a bracket housing ideal for both nighttime and underwater shoots.

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