Universal SLEEFS Footy Helmet Visor Quick-Release Clips

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Discover the convenience of SLEEFS footy helmet visor quick-release clips. Boasting a universal fit and eliminating the need for tools, it’s a game changer for helmet wearers.
When it comes to helmet safety and convenience, quick-release clips have made a noticeable impact. The SLEEFS footy helmet visor clips provide an effortless method to secure and release visors, making adjustments a breeze. With each set, you’ll receive a pair of clips and screws, ensuring you have everything for a sturdy fit. Embracing the universal design, these clips are adaptable to a broad range of helmets. Beyond functionality, they represent a fusion of sleek design and practicality. No tools, no hassle; just a seamless experience.
Q: Do these clips fit all types of helmets?
A: Yes, the SLEEFS quick-release clips offer a universal fit for a broad range of helmets.

Q: Are tools required for installation?
A: No, the beauty of these clips is that they require no tools for installation.

Q: How many clips and screws come in a set?
A: Each set comes with one pair of clips and one pair of screws.

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