VICHFA Adult Bicycle Helmet: Safe, Adjustable, 9 Colours, Baseball Cap Design, PU Sunshade, Reflective Stickers, Suitable for 56-60CM Head Circumference

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Take your cycling to a new level of safety and style with the VICHFA adult bicycle helmet. Crafted to offer optimal protection and comfort, this adjustable helmet is designed for both women and men. A combination of superior safety features, sleek baseball cap design, and a variety of colour options make it a standout choice for biking enthusiasts.
The VICHFA bicycle helmet has been engineered to enhance your safety and boost your confidence on the bike. Adaptable to head circumferences between 56-60CM, it offers a personalised fit for most adults. A sturdy helmet, it features a baseball cap design that blends style with functionality.

The helmet comes in nine vibrant colours, giving you the freedom to choose one that best matches your biking gear or personal style. Furthermore, the PU sunshade design provides protection from the harsh sunlight, adding an element of comfort to your rides.

One of the key safety features of this helmet is its reflective stickers. Each helmet includes 12 of these stickers, enhancing visibility in low light conditions. When biking at dawn, dusk, or in cloudy weather, these stickers ensure you remain noticeable to other road users.

With its blend of comfort, safety, and style, the VICHFA bicycle helmet proves to be an excellent accessory for every biking adventure, whether it’s an intense mountain biking session or a leisurely ride around the neighbourhood.
Q: Can the VICHFA helmet adjust to different head sizes?
A: Yes, it’s designed to accommodate head circumferences between 56-60CM.

Q: What is the purpose of the PU sunshade?
A: The PU sunshade provides protection from the sun, adding an extra layer of comfort during your rides.

Q: How does the helmet increase visibility?
A: The helmet includes 12 reflective stickers that enhance your visibility to other road users in low light conditions.

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