VICTGOAL Cycling Helmets for Adults: Rear Light, Detachable Goggles & Sun Visor

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Experience enhanced safety and style with the adult-specific VICTGOAL cycling helmets. These aren’t your ordinary head protection gears; they come integrated with modern features that revolutionise your riding experience. Incorporating a USB-rechargeable rear light, detachable magnetic goggles, and a removable sun visor, they set a new standard for helmets suitable for both mountain and road biking.
Our VICTGOAL cycling helmets designed for men and women offer not just safety but added convenience for every cyclist. The integrated USB-rechargeable rear light ensures your visibility in low light conditions, improving your safety during night rides.

The helmet’s detachable magnetic goggles serve dual purpose. Firstly, they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, and secondly, they act as a windscreen to enhance your riding experience. Conveniently, these goggles attach and detach magnetically for easy use.

Moreover, the helmet also features a removable sun visor. This additional component shields your eyes from direct sunlight, ensuring clear vision while you ride in bright conditions.

Designed to meet the needs of mountain and road biking enthusiasts, these helmets are highly versatile and promise ultimate comfort. Their unique construction makes them not only robust but also lightweight, facilitating long hours of riding without discomfort.
Q: Can the rear light on these helmets be recharged?
A: Absolutely, the rear light of the VICTGOAL helmets can be recharged using a USB cable, offering you greater convenience.

Q: Are the goggles and the sun visor removable?
A: Yes, both the goggles and the sun visor can be easily detached and reattached as per your needs.

Q: Are these helmets suitable for both men and women?
A: Definitely, our VICTGOAL cycling helmets are designed keeping in mind the needs and comfort of both male and female cycling enthusiasts.

Q: Can these helmets be used for both road and mountain biking?
A: Indeed, the VICTGOAL cycling helmets are highly versatile and ideal for all types of cycling, including mountain and road biking.

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