Vivitar Kids Tech: Ultimate Action Camera – 5 MP, 2″ Screen, Blue

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Introducing Vivitar Kids Tech, an exceptional action camera crafted for the young adventurers. Dive deep or scale high, this waterproof camera ensures vivid memories remain sharp. Boasting a 5 MP resolution, a 2-inch display, and an in-built microphone, it’s everything a budding photographer desires. Plus, the sleek blue waterproof case guarantees protection during every escapade.
Every child’s imagination is a realm of wonder, and with Vivitar Kids Tech, their adventures find a worthy companion. The camera isn’t merely a gadget; it’s a tool to capture moments that words can’t do justice to. With 5 MP clarity, every jump, splash, or sprint comes to life. The 2-inch screen ensures instant replays and the microphone captures every cheer, giggle, or splash. And for those adventures in the deep or under the rain, the waterproof blue case shields the precious memories inside. Vivitar ensures that the world seen through a child’s eyes is never forgotten.
Q: What resolution does the Vivitar Kids Tech camera offer?
A: It offers a 5 MP resolution for photos and videos.

Q: Is there a screen for viewing?
A: Yes, it features a 2-inch screen for clear previews.

Q: Can it be used underwater?
A: Absolutely, it comes with a waterproof case making it suitable for underwater use.

Q: What colour is the waterproof case?
A: The case is in a sleek blue shade.

Q: Does it have a microphone?
A: Yes, it’s equipped with an in-built microphone.

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