Vivitar Ultra HD Action Camera Kit: 4K Dual Display, WiFi, 64GB SD, 2 Power Cells, Waterproof Shell, EIS & Extras

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Discover the Vivitar 4K Ultra HD Action Camera Bundle: the adventurer’s all-in-one kit. Packed with a dual-screen setup, WiFi connectivity, a 64GB SD card, two power cells, a waterproof shell, electronic image stabilisation (EIS) and much more. It’s the ultimate tool for recording your greatest feats and outdoor exploits.
The Vivitar 4K Ultra HD Action Camera Bundle is your gateway to limitless adventures. The dual-screen design allows you to preview and play back your videos with ease, while WiFi connectivity means you can share your journeys with friends and family in an instant.

Supplied with a 64GB SD card, you’ve got ample storage for your high-resolution content. And with two power cells included, there’s no need to worry about running out of power in the midst of an exciting moment. Your epic stories can continue uninterrupted.

What’s more, the camera bundle comes with a waterproof case, allowing you to venture underwater and brave the elements with complete confidence. From surfing waves to mountain biking, you can capture all your adventures in 4K Ultra HD quality.

The bundle also includes EIS – electronic image stabilisation – which is crucial for eliminating shaky footage and ensuring smooth, clear video quality even in high-motion scenarios. And that’s not all. The package is equipped with several other accessories to enrich your content creation experience.
Q: Does the Vivitar 4K Ultra HD Action Camera support WiFi connectivity?
A: Absolutely, this camera bundle supports WiFi, allowing you to share your content quickly and easily.

Q: Is there a waterproof case included in the bundle?
A: Yes, the bundle comes with a waterproof case for all your aquatic or rainy adventures.

Q: Does the bundle include electronic image stabilisation (EIS)?
A: Indeed, EIS is part of the bundle, helping to ensure your videos are smooth and steady.

Q: How many power cells are included in the package?
A: The bundle includes two power cells, enabling you to keep recording your exploits for longer.

Q: What is the storage capacity provided by the SD card in the bundle?
A: The package comes with a 64GB SD card, providing ample room for your 4K Ultra HD content.

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