Vue MIPS & Essence MIPS Vivid Snow Helmet Shield by Giro

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Discover the Giro shield replacement designed for Vue MIPS and Essence MIPS Vivid Snow Helmets. Dive into the features that offer top-notch visibility and safety.
When it comes to skiing or snowboarding, visibility can make or break the experience. It’s imperative to have a clear shield that doesn’t just fit the helmet seamlessly but also offers premium protection. That’s where the Giro shield for Vue MIPS and Essence MIPS Vivid Snow Helmets stands out. It’s not just about replacing your old shield, but upgrading to one that understands the essence of winter sports.
Q: Is this Giro shield compatible with other helmet models?
A: This specific shield is designed for the Vue MIPS and Essence MIPS Vivid Snow Helmets by Giro.

Q: How does the Vivid technology benefit my skiing experience?
A: Vivid technology enhances contrast and definition, giving you clearer visibility in various snowy conditions.

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