WASAGA LED Bike Helmet Lamp | 300 Lumen | 3 Settings | USB Charging | Waterproof Bicycle Headlamp | Optimal for Riding & Outdoors

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A riding gear must-have, WASAGA’s LED Bicycle Helmet Light offers a versatile lighting solution for your cycling needs. Emitting 300 Lumen, this light is constructed to illuminate your path while ensuring your visibility on the road. Three operational modes, USB rechargeability and a waterproof build make it ideal not just for cycling, but for other outdoor activities too.
The WASAGA LED Bike Helmet Lamp boasts a powerful 300 Lumen light, transforming the darkest paths into well-lit routes. Its three settings – high, medium and flashing – grant flexibility in varying circumstances.

With the convenience of USB rechargeability, you never have to worry about running out of power mid-ride. Simply plug it in and it’s ready for the next adventure. Its water-resistant nature ensures the light remains functional in all weather conditions, making it an apt choice for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Positioned as a helmet light, it encourages safer riding habits by increasing cyclist visibility. However, the design doesn’t limit its usage to cycling alone. Its versatile characteristics make it equally suited for other activities, such as hiking, camping or running at night.

Incorporating this lightweight and easy-to-use light into your gear set enhances safety and convenience, making your outdoor experience more enjoyable.
Q: Can the WASAGA LED Bike Helmet Lamp attach to any helmet?
A: Absolutely! The design allows for universal helmet compatibility.

Q: What is the runtime for each mode?
A: The high mode lasts up to 3 hours, medium mode up to 6 hours, and the flashing mode has a runtime of up to 10 hours.

Q: Can I charge the light with any USB charger?
A: Yes, the light can be charged using a standard USB charger, making it very convenient.

Q: Is the light heavy? Will it weigh down my helmet?
A: No, the light is lightweight and designed not to add significant weight to your helmet.

Q: Can I use the light in the rain?
A: Yes, the light is waterproof, and thus suitable for use in all weather conditions.

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