Waterproof Hard Case for DJI Action 2 Camera & Full Mic System

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Explore the features and benefits of the SYMIK A210-OA waterproof case, designed to protect and transport your DJI Action 2 camera and its associated accessories. Whether you’re an adventurer on the go or a meticulous videographer, this carrying solution promises uncompromised security.

The SYMIK A210-OA isn’t just any case. Made to cater specifically to DJI Action 2 users, it’s crafted to house not only the camera but also the DJI Mic and the Action 2 Dual Screen Combo Power Combo. Here’s a closer look at what makes it stand out:

Waterproof Qualities: Safeguard your equipment against the unpredictable. Whether faced with a sudden downpour or accidental spills, the waterproof seal ensures your gear stays dry.

Tailored Compartments: No more rummaging around for pieces. Each compartment snugly fits the DJI Action 2 and its accessories, minimising movement and potential damage.

Durable Build: Accidents happen, but the robust structure of the SYMIK A210-OA is designed to absorb shocks and resist impact.

Streamlined Design: Transport made easy. With ergonomic handles and a sleek form, it’s both functional and stylish.

From professional shoots to personal projects, ensure the longevity and performance of your DJI Action 2 Camera and its accessories with this essential hard carrying case.

**Q:** Can the SYMIK A210-OA fit other camera models?
**A:** No, it’s specifically designed for the DJI Action 2 and its related accessories.

Q: How heavy is the case without the equipment inside?
A: The case is lightweight yet durable, making it easy to carry even when filled with gear.

Q: Is there any warranty on the case?
A: Warranty details might vary depending on the retailer or manufacturer’s policies. It’s advisable to check directly with the seller for specifics.

Q: Are there additional pockets for other smaller items?
A: The case primarily focuses on compartments for the DJI Action 2 and its accessories. There might be some small pockets, but for specifics, it’s best to refer to the product description or ask the seller directly.

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