Waterproof Removable Cover for Plixi & Plixi Fit Fold Helmets: Cold & Rain Shield

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Unpredictable weather can be a cyclists’ worst enemy, especially when they’ve invested in top-notch gear. Discover a solution that offers defence against the unpredictability of cold and rain: a removable cover for Plixi & Plixi Fit fold helmets.

Many riders face the challenges of cold and rain, which can turn a pleasant ride into a miserable experience. With the Waterproof Removable Cover tailored for the Plixi & Plixi Fit fold helmets, riders no longer need to fret over sudden showers or chilly winds. Not only does this cover provide a barrier against the elements, but it’s also easy to attach and remove.

– **Waterproof Material:** Ensures your helmet stays dry, safeguarding it from potential water damage.
– **Effortless Installation:** Slide it over your Plixi or Plixi Fit fold helmet without any fuss.
– **Compact Design:** Being foldable itself, it won’t be taking up too much space in your bag.

Whether your on a casual ride or commuting daily, equip yourself with the Waterproof Removable Cover to ensure your rides stay comfortable and your helmet stays in top condition.

Q: Can I use this cover with other helmet brands?
A: While designed for Plixi & Plixi Fit fold helmets, it might fit others but can’t guarantee perfect fit.

Q: Is it durable for daily use?
A: Absolutely. It’s made for daily use and can withstand regular wear and tear.

Q: Does the cover affect helmet ventilation?
A: No, it’s crafted to ensure your helmet maintains good airflow, even with the cover on.

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