WOLFANG GA200 Action Cam | 4K 24MP | 40M Water Resistance | Dual Display | EIS | WiFi | Adjustable Wide Lens | Vlog Ready | Comes with Charger, Dual Batteries, Remote and Accessory Set

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A powerhouse of functionality, the WOLFANG GA200 Action Camera guarantees high-resolution captures in challenging conditions. Remarkably rugged, this camera thrives underwater up to 40 meters. Boasting 4K 24MP clarity, dual screens, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), adjustable wide-angle viewing and Wi-Fi connectivity, it’s an ideal companion for adrenaline-fueled adventures and laid-back vlogs alike. The package includes two batteries, a charger, a remote control and a comprehensive accessory kit.
With the WOLFANG GA200 Action Camera, you’re in for impressive image quality that will make your adventure memories vibrant and sharp. It’s the ultimate 4K 24MP action cam that’s built to be resilient and flexible.

A unique feature of this camera is its 40M underwater capability. You can dive deep into the ocean, capturing the aquatic world in its full grandeur. It’s perfect for surfing, snorkelling, diving or just enjoying a day at the beach.

Designed with a dual screen, the WOLFANG GA200 makes framing your shots easy and versatile. The Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) ensures you get smooth, stable footage even when the action gets intense.

Furthermore, the camera’s adjustable wide-angle lens allows you to choose your perspective, giving a cinematic feel to your videos. You can share your adventures real-time, thanks to its Wi-Fi functionality. Plus, it’s an excellent tool for vlogging.

The camera comes bundled with a charger, two batteries, a remote control, and an accessory kit. This kit includes all you need to get started, ensuring you’re always ready to capture life’s memorable moments.
Q: Can the WOLFANG GA200 Action Camera withstand rough weather conditions?
A: Yes, the camera has been designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and underwater use up to 40M.

Q: Does the EIS feature work underwater?
A: Absolutely. The EIS feature ensures stability of footage even when you’re filming underwater.

Q: Is this camera suitable for vlogging?
A: Yes, the WOLFANG GA200 Action Camera’s features like 4K 24MP quality, dual screen, adjustable wide-angle lens and Wi-Fi make it a fantastic tool for vlogging.

Q: What is included in the accessory kit?
A: The accessory kit includes a variety of mounts and other essentials that can be handy in different filming scenarios. However, for specific details, we suggest checking the product listing or contacting the manufacturer.

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