WOLFANG GA300 4K Action Camera 24MP Waterproof – 40M Depth, EIS, WiFi, Helmet Mounting, External Mic, 2x1350mAh Batteries & Accessories

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Introducing the WOLFANG GA300, a cutting-edge action camera that offers crisp 4K video quality. With a 24MP sensor and waterproof capabilities up to 40M, this camera is prepared for adventures above and below the water. Enhanced with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and wide-angle viewing, it’s the ideal companion for capturing your thrilling moments. Included in the package are handy accessories like an external microphone, remote control, and two 1350mAh batteries. Explore the world without limits with the WOLFANG GA300.
WOLFANG GA300 action camera stands out in the competitive market with its remarkable features. The 4K video recording capability ensures breathtaking footage, while the 24MP sensor captures every detail. The 40M underwater capacity gives divers and water enthusiasts a perfect tool for their underwater exploration.

The camera also boasts Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), which delivers smooth and steady shots. With the WiFi functionality, you can share your adventures in an instant. Helmet mounting offers unique perspectives, and the external microphone ensures clear sound recording.

This package includes a remote control for convenient usage and two 1350mAh batteries to keep you recording without interruption. An extensive accessory kit further enhances your filming experience. Discover the WOLFANG GA300 and make every moment count.
Q: What is the resolution of the WOLFANG GA300?
A: It offers 4K video recording and 24MP photo capturing.

Q: Is this camera suitable for underwater filming?
A: Yes, the WOLFANG GA300 is waterproof up to 40M, making it suitable for diving and other water-related activities.

Q: Does it include any accessories?
A: The package includes an external microphone, remote control, two 1350mAh batteries, and an extensive accessory kit.

Q: How does the EIS feature enhance the camera?
A: The Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) ensures smooth and steady shots, reducing blurriness and shake during movement.

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